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First seeds from Ecuador being sent to the International Space Station's MISSE Platform, as part

In January 31st, the students of Unidad Educativa Javier formally delivered to us the seeds of Raphanus Sativus so they could be sent to the MISSE platform in the International Space Station. The MISSE platform is managed by the Houston company Alpha Space LLC that does material testing in the International Space Station, the seeds will fly in a SpaceX vehicle in November and spend 6 months experiencing the harsh conditions of space, micro gravity, high radiation, extreme changes in temperature and atomic oxygen. We were glad to count with the support of the Camara Ecuatoriano Americana de Comercio de Guayaquil (Amcham Guayaquil) and the Ministerio de Produccion, Comercio Exterior e Inversiones in an event where they shared their enthusiasm that space technology can have in improving the lives of students and all Ecuadorian citizens

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